Vive la différence! - 22/08/17

Here at Quite Simply French, Lancaster’s Gallic bistro, we’re celebrating les petites things.

We know all our extra touches make such a big difference to your dining experience.

Like the way that we go out of their way to import key gourmet ingredients direct from traditional Parisian markets. And the way we also support independent artisan producers and suppliers around Lancashire and the north-west of England.

Then, there’s the fact that our menu never stays the same from one day to the next, so, customers are always guaranteed new and exciting dishes, however often they visit. And if you are a regular, a member of our attentive QSF team is bound to know your favourite tipple without you having to ask.

And if it’s a special occasion, you might just find a complimentary surprise heading to your table to help you celebrate.

There are many other special touches that make us quite simply fabulous, but the best way to experience them is to book a table and see for yourself.

Vive la difference at Quite Simply French.