J’adore QSF - 13/03/18

J’Adore. A magnifique French word. We have words such as love and adoration, but they quite have the same ‘je ne sais quoi do they? What a great way to express a feeling of enjoyment and delight!

Let’s hope what makes us beloved never changes…we aren’t just a French restaurant, we’re a Lancastrian institution! And a place where you can be indulgent or feast on delicious food on a budget.

Most importantly, you tell us there are things here you want to come back for again and again. You J’adore  our place: You J’adore  our buzz. And you J’adore  our food, very much.

Literally translated, J’adore means ‘I just love it’…and we just love making you, our customers, happy. We’re absolutely passionate about creating a truly memorable experience for you because we simply ‘J’adore’ you!

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It’s worth remembering that there is always a place for longevity, for commitment and for class. QSF has it all.