Christmas Party Time…now in full swing!! - 06/12/16

The annual Christmas party is here. And after 12 months chained to your desk, it’s finally time to ditch the work duds, and swap deadlines for the dancefloor.

For some, the Christmas office party invite is a chance to partake in libations on the company’s tab, for others, it’s a chance to catch up with colleagues (and put a good word or two in with the powers that be). Yet for a wide swathe of people with the ghosts of parties past rattling in their minds, the festive office bash is a minefield fraught with danger.

A few helpful from us at QSF; the festive party experts: be respectful; avoid innuendos; and don’t get caught in flagrante delicto. If your hair is held in place by hairspray, stay away from the Christmas candles. And remember that Spanx will take a bit longer to take down when you are in the toilet cubicle!

But most of all – have fun, be merry and let your hair down!

Lunch from Tuesday to Sunday and every night for Dinner from 1st – 23rd December inclusive. Book Now.

Christmas Lunch and Early Bird – Tuesday to Saturday 12 – 2pm (last food orders) AND 5.30 – 6.30pm (last food orders) – 2 courses £18
Christmas Dinner – Tuesday to Saturday 6.30 till late – 2 courses £25